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Clinical trials available at the St. Francis Cancer Center in Greenville, South Carolina.
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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Clinical Research is an integral part of oncology at Bon Secours St. Francis. Clinical trials give Upstate patients access to the newest and best treatments for cancer. St. Francis is proud to provide the same options as leading national cancer centers. Whether it is looking at new surgical or radiation interventions, or giving a brand new medication, St. Francis is striving to find better ways to treat, prevent, and manage cancer.

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St. Francis offers trials funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as well as those funded by pharmaceutical manufacturers. The NCI funded trials are progressive national trials that enable patients to get the latest treatments without having to leave the Upstate. Being able to join research studies in a person’s own community allows them to stay close to family, friends, supports systems and their local physicians and health organizations, where high quality clinical studies are resulting in better care.

Clinical trials offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers are offered at only select locations in the country, and patients from across the Southeast routinely seek out St. Francis for its access to these novel therapies.

An institutional review board of physicians, community members and cancer survivors meets to review research studies available to St. Francis patients. St. Francis currently is involved with more than 200 clinical trials, about 85 percent of those being cancer related. Clinical trials aimed at preventing cancer also are available to some people who are high risk for developing certain forms of the disease.

Search our available clinical trials, or contact our Oncology Research department at 864-603-6211 for more information.


Bon Secours St. Francis is a member of the Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium, or SCOR. Headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, SCOR includes more than 180 facilities in five states who work together to offer clinical trials.

SCOR is funded by a grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The grant allows SCOR facilities, like St. Francis, to continue to participate in progressive national trials, enabling patients to get the latest treatments without having to leave the Upstate. These partnerships allow the facilities to combine expertise and resources judiciously, without unnecessary competition or duplication of efforts.

Sunshine Act Open Payments Program

The Sunshine Act is a federal law that requires manufacturers of covered drugs, devices, biologics, or medical supplies to collect detailed information about payments and other “transfers of value” worth more than $10 from manufacturers to physicians.
The information is made available to the public on the Open Payments Website.

Congress enacted the Sunshine Act to make patients aware of financial relationships between physicians and industry partners. Providers often work with the pharmaceutical and medical industry to improve the quality of patient care by developing new ideas and treatments. They also participate in educational seminars and presentations with industry as a way to keep up to date on the newest devices and drugs.

Advancing Medical Knowledge:  As a research–oriented practice, St. Francis Cancer Center frequently participates in clinical trials. Research to develop new treatments and improve patient care is costly. It takes time and money to carry out clinical trials and get demonstrated new therapies through the approval process and into clinical use. Our institution receives funding from industry in order to participate in such activities. Under the open payments reporting system this funding is reported under the primary investigator (physician). The monetary amount can include the cost of the investigational medications, a participant’s medical tests and funds that are utilized to support the infrastructure for the clinical trials program.  **The physicians at Bon Secours St. Francis Cancer Center do not receive any direct revenue from industry partners for clinical research participation. All research revenue is utilized to supplement the cost of investigational drugs, research related procedures and the research department office and staff **

Advancing Physician Knowledge:  Industry also supports physician education. Continuing Medical Education courses that are funded by industry, as well as visits from pharmaceutical representatives to our office to talk about new research and treatment options, can supplement physicians’ knowledge about new advances in medicine.

In addition to the Open Payment website, Bon Secours’ compliance officers review the business relationships between St. Francis’ care providers and drug companies. In addition, interactions between doctors and industry are regulated by national accrediting bodies, including the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education and the American Medical Association.