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Breast Health

Breast Health

The Pearlie Harris Center for Breast Health®, located at St. Francis Eastside, brings advanced breast imaging technology together in one place with an expert staff that offers compassionate, convenient care and rapid results. The Pearlie Harris Center is fully accredited by both the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) and the American College of Radiology.


The Pearlie Harris Center offers the most advanced breast imaging equipment available – like digital mammography, breast MRI and computer-aided detection systems – along with an expert staff and little luxuries that make your experience a pleasant one.

The center has assembled a talented staff of board-certified physicians, technologists, nurses and navigators who specialize in breast imaging and are dedicated to caring only for breast imaging patients.

The technologists, nurses and navigators are all women – many of which have experienced breast disease in their own families. This gives them insight into the anxieties and emotions you may experience and they are prepared to offer the compassion and support that you may need.

The radiologists who interpret breast imaging studies are all board certified and have completed five years of specialized training in radiology. Many have completed additional years of training in radiology subspecialties, including breast imaging.

Our Breast Health Navigators are available at no cost to patients who have abnormal results from their mammograms. They offer education and emotional support to ensure our patients know all of their options and understand exactly what to expect during their testing and treatment.

St. Francis holds Multidisciplinary Team Meetings that are attended by surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, our Breast Health Navigators and Genetic Counselor, and nurses who meet weekly to discuss patients whose tests come back with a positive result for cancer. They review each case as a team, agreeing upon the best course of treatment prior to surgery. In effect, our patients receive a first, second and third opinion all at the same time – for free.

The Pearlie Harris Center for Breast Health is committed to continuously providing our patients with the best breast imaging options available. In addition to digital mammography, we also offer breast MRI and ultrasound and are fully equipped with the technology needed to perform needle and stereotactic breast biopsies.

Having all of this technology in one place means convenience and speed for our patients. If an abnormal mammogram requires more testing, all of the tests can be done in one place, often at the same time.