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St. Francis Cancer Center provides proactive and individualized nutritional consultations for our patients, including those before treatment, during treatment, during any cancer recurrences, in the survivorship stage, or in the palliative care stage.

St. Francis is fortunate to have a Registered Dietitian (RD) who is also a Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition (CSO) –one of only three in the entire state. As part of our cancer program, she is available for free nutrition consultations with those currently undergoing treatment as well as survivors.

She can answer questions and assist with nutrition issues, including:

  • Managing eating problems and nutrition-related symptoms of cancer treatment
  • Maintaining weight before, during and after cancer treatment
  • Optimizing nutrition pre- and post- surgery
  • Providing education and support with tube feedings or IV nutrition
  • Providing guidance regarding vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements
  • Educating about special diets, including: high calorie/protein, diabetic, renal, heart healthy, post surgery, modified consistency, cancer prevention and weight loss diets
  • Providing general healthy diet tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle, cancer prevention or survivorship

Scheduling an Appointment

To enhance convenience for our patients, nutrition consultations are often scheduled during chemotherapy sessions or directly before or after a physician appointment. Your navigator can schedule these consultations for you – just ask at your next visit or give them a call.